AWS Academy Cloud Foundation-Module 2 Knowledge Check

 Module 2 Knowledge Check 

Module 2 Knowledge Check

1. What is the best definition of cloud architecture?

  • Applying cloud characteristics to a solution that uses cloud services and features to meet technical and business requirement

2. The AWS WAF has five pillars. Two of the pillars are security and operational excellence. What are the other pillars of WAF?

  • Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization

3. Which actions are consistent with the operational excellence pillar of the AWS WAF?

  • - Apply software engineering principles and methodology to infrastructure as code.
  • - Review and improve processes and procedures on a continuous cycle.

4. An application requires a frontend web tier of multiple servers that communicate with a backend application tier of multiple servers. which design most closely follows AWS best practices?

  • Design the web tier to communicate with the apps tier through Elastic Load Balancing Services

5. A solutions architect is developing process for handling server failures. Which process most closely follow AWS best practices?

  • Amazon CloudWatch detects a system failure. It triggers automation to provision a new server.

6. A company wants to change some functionality of their website. They are unsure of what will happen if they make the change. Which approach most closely follow AWS best practices?

  • Provision a new server and make changes to it. Use DNS to gradually migrate users to the new server. Shut Down the original server after all users migrate.

7. A company stores read-only data in Amazon S3. Most users are in the same country as the company HQ. some users are located around the world. Which design most closely follows AWS best practices?

  • Use a bucket in the AWS Region closest to the company HQ. All users access their data through Amazon CloudFront.

8. A consultant must access a large object in an S3 bucket. They need a day to access the file. Which method for granting access most closely follows AWS best practices?

  • Create a presigned URL to the object that expires in 24 hours and give it to the consultant.

9. What are the main considerations that influence which AWS regions to use?

  • - Latency reduction for end users
  • - Compliance with laws and regulations

10. What are the main considerations that influence which availability zones to use?

  • - Protection against localized natural disasters
  • - Application resiliency during system failures

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