Module 3 Knowledge Check

Module 3 Knowledge Check

1. Amazon S3 provide a good solution for which of the following use case?

An internet-accessible storage location for video files that an external website access.

Explanation: web developers can use Amazon S3 to store large video files without provisioning storage. External websites can access these files by using cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

2. A company is interested in using Amazon S3 alone to host their website, instead of traditional web server. Which types of content does Amazon S3 support for static web hosting?

HTML files and image files, Client-side scripts, Video and sound files.

Explanation: HTML and image files are static content that can be hosted by S3. Client-side scripts, video, and sound files create dynamic presentations, but they are static content because their files do not change the web server.

3. Which scenarios represent a good use for S3?

- Backing up critical data

- Storing computation and analytics data

Explanation: S3 is a good choice to back up critical data, for cloud-based and on-premises systems. S3 can also store computation and large-scale analytics data, such as for financial transaction analysis, clickstream analytics, and media transcoding.

4. A company wants to use an S3 bucket to store sensitive data. Which actions can they take to protect their data?

- Enabling server-side encryption on the S3 bucket before uploading sensitive data

- Using client-side encryption to protect data in transit

Explanation: S3 server-side encryption must be enabled on a bucket before uploading objects. Existing objects must be re-uploaded to be encrypted at rest. Server-side encryption does not encrypt data in transit; use client-side encryption instead.

5. A company must create a common place to store shared files. Which requirements does S3 support?

- Recover deleted files

- Maintain different version of files

Explanation: S3 object versioning enables maintenance of different versions and recovery of deleted files. It is not enabled by default and must be enabled on a bucket.

6. A customer service team accesses case data daily for up to 30 days. Cases can be reopened and require immediate access for 1 year after they are closed. Reopened case require 2 days to process. Which solution meets the requirements and is the most cost-efficient?

Store case data in S3 standard. Use a lifecycle policy to move data into S3 Standard-IA after 30 days.

Explanation: S3 standard-IA cost less than S3 standard

7. Which S3 unaccelerated data transfers have an associated cost?

Out to the internet, out to other AWS Region

Explanation: Data transfer Out to the internet has tiered pricing per GB. Data transfer Out to other AWS region has a cost per GB. Check the amazon S3 pricing documentation.

8. A company is migrating 100 TB of data from their on-premises data center to S3. The company connect to AWS using single 155 Mbps internet. Which data transfer option is the fastest and most cost-effective?

AWS Snowball

Explanation: AWS Snowball is good for transferring dozens of TB to PB of data to AWS. Local data transfer to a Snowball device is faster than transferring directly to S3 over the internet. Transfer time to AWS depends on physical package shipping times.

9. A video producer must regularly transfer several video files to S3. The files range from 100-700MB. The internet connection has been unreliable, causing some uploads to fail. Which solution provides the fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective way to transfer these files to Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 multipart uploads.

Explanation: when using multipart uploads, an upload failure requires a restart of only failed part upload instead of restarting the entire file upload. This method provides a better solution for unreliable connections.

10. Which qualities vary by AWS region?

Cost effectiveness of workloads, service and feature availability

Explanation: Each AWS Region has its own pricing schedule, and service and feature availabilities vary by region. Check to make sure that the Region is selected for an architecture has the required services and features.

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