Module 4 Knowledge Check

Module 4 Knowledge Check

Module 4 Knowledge Check

 1. Which attributes are reasons to choose EC2?

- Ability to run any type of workload

- Complete control of computing resource

Explanation: Use EC2 when complete control, down to the OS level is required. EC2 can run any type of workload, including web, apps, database, and media servers. An EC2 instance can run any workload that a physical server can run.

2. What are the benefits of using AMI?

- Using AMI as a server backup for EC2 instances.

- Launch instances with the same config.

- Selling or sharing software solutions packaged as AMI

Explanation: AMI contain EC2 instance config, so instance that are launched from the same AMI have the same config. AMIs are images of EC2 instances, so they can be used as backups. Vendors sell software solutions that are packaged as AMI through AWS Marketplace.

3. A sysadmin must change the instance types of multiple running EC2 instances. Instances were launch with a mix of Amazon EBS-backed AMI and instance store-backed AMI. which method is a valid way to change instance type?

Stop an EBS-backed instance, change its instance type, start the instance.

Explanation: Change the instance type of an EBS-backed instance by stopping it first.

4. A workload requires high R/W access to large local datasets. Which instance types would perform best for this workload?

Storage optimized and memory optimized

Explanation: Memory optimized instances are designed for processing large dataset in memory. Storage optimized instances are designed for workload that require high, sequential R/W access to very large datasets on local storage.

5. An app requires the MAC address of the host EC2 instance. The architecture uses an AWS Auto Scaling group to dynamically launch and terminate instances. Which way is best for the app to obtain the mac address?

Use the user data of each instance to access the MAC address through the instance metadata.

Explanation: Because the AWS Auto Scaling group launches the instance in the mac address of each instance is unpredictable. The user data script can access the MAC address from the instance metadata when the instance starts, and the notify the application.

6. A transactional workload on an EC2 instance performs high amounts of frequent R/W operations. Which EBS volume is the best for this workload?

Provisioned IOPS SSD

Explanation: Provisioned IOPS SSD EBS are optimized for I/O intensive workload

7. It is possible to create an NFS share on an EBS-backed Linux Instance by installing and configuring an NFS server on the instance. In this way, multiple Linux systems can share the file system of that instance. Which advantages does EFS provide, compared to this solution?

High availability and automatic scaling

Explanation: As a fully managed service, EFS provide high availability. An NFS server on an instance is a single point of failure, which can become overloaded. Amazon EFS also scales automatically, and you pay only for what you use. Amazon EBS does not scale automatically.

8. Which feature does Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provide?

Fully managed windows file server

Explanation: Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides fully managed windows file server, which are built on Microsoft Windows Server

9. Which descriptions of EC2 pricing options are correct?

- On-demand instances enable you to pay for compute capacity by usage time, with no long-term commitments.

- Spot instances offer spare compute capacity at discounted prices and can be interrupted.

Explanation: With On-Demand Instance you can pay for compute capacity based on usage. Also, by using spot instances you can achieve cost savings due to discounted prices.

10. A company has three high performance computing instances that must communicate with each other. The company would like to achieve maximum network performance between the instances. The most important requirement is that these systems do not share the same rack. Which placement strategy should they use?


Explanation: The spread placement strategy ensures that the instances are placed in separate hardware racks, each with its own network and power source. This strategy minimizes the risk of correlated hardware failures.

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